Back to the Future: Cut Your Temporal Losses

When you realize you are on a dead end road, do you simply continue the path, or turn around?  It seems so obvious when put so simply:  You turn around!  Still, the hard part is recognizing which roads end without a purpose, for not all are clearly marked.

It was not many years ago that I met a friend, now my dearest friend of all.  This friend, now my husband, had helped me remember some wonderful truths I had learned in my youth.  Through our discussions I had begun to see that the things I was doing, while not bad, or certainly not evil, were not helping me live in harmony with those truths.

I had become a hardened, focused individual.  A women who was not greatly happy, and seemed mostly to care about her career instead of her own true, eternal happiness.  If we are to work out our salvation, and salvation will bring us joy, then we must seek harmony with eternal, not temporal, principles.

Family, I had learned, is where real happiness could be found.  But I had moved such a long way from family.  Faith was all that sustained me, and that, too, was feeling weaker as a feeling of loss had crept upon me.  Time had passed, and I had nothing of eternal consequence to show for it.

If you, like me at that time, find yourself forgetting to live the simply amazing, and yet amazingly simple, principles conducive to an eternal family- stop.  It’s a dead end road.  No career, degree, or passion, if out of line with the Lord’s way- or even distracting you from His way- will make you happy.  Indeed, make a u-turn until you get to familiar territory and can recognize the truths you once knew, the old neighbors that helped you along, and the map that you put down far too soon.

Listen to the wise, heed not the popular-minded, and live the time-tested, family approved, ways of the Lord.

What is perfection in mortal means, if we dress in spiritual rags?

Mrs. Amy Stewart


Week 45 of 52: I Admit…

I failed…

Still, failure or not, I will go on in other ways.  I may not have blogged as I should have last week, but I found a tailor and designed a beautiful wedding dress.  A failure?  Yes, in one way, but not in another.  I spent quality time with a woman I care deeply about as she played dress-up and brainstorm with me at several wedding stores.

My point is not so much that it is easy to get distracted from an effort (although that is true), but that some other efforts are worth the distraction.  While I had thought about blogging throughout last Saturday, it escaped me by the time I was actually at home and able to do something about it.  Why?  Because I had some other thoughts on my mind- some worthy distractions.

Although this is my 410th post on this blog and it should be my 411th, I’ve decided that enough is enough.  While I love to write, I love to plan a wedding and marriage even more.  So it is decided, though I’ve been close to succeeding in the challenge of keeping a weekly post, I have found a greater goal- getting and keeping my life in order while trying to prepare for a new life as a wife.

As has been noted before in these posts- some failures are worth it.  Could I do better at this blog and simply be more disciplined about the time given to me?  Definitely.  But why does a bride-to-be need one more thing to worry about it.  I will miss the rhythm of the keyboard each Saturday morning, just as I missed it each morning after last year’s daily blog-keeping.

The new goal?  Prepare for a new life.

Thanks for reading even the difficult-to-read posts.  I will miss your comments, likes and so forth.  It wouldn’t be the same without you!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amy DeVonne Hemsley [(Stewart)]

Week 44 of 52: Social Selection

It has been said countless times that one ought to choose their friends carefully.  I haven’t always followed this wise counsel, but with those I still call friends (whether or not I regularly see them) I can definitely say I have.  Hannah, the childhood friend who helped me solidify my standards.  Amy C., the childhood friend who helped me come out of my shell by helping her come out of hers.  Jacob, the friend who has been there for me before I even knew who he was.  Karina, the girl who is patient as details are determined and things get rocky.  Katie and Jennifer, the girls who are supportive in the quietest way.  Earleen and John, the wise couple who will forever be my example of a successful marriage.

We can’t always choose the details of our lives, but friends are a detail we get to choose.  These friends, and many others, have taught me so much.  I will continue to learn from their fine example, even if from a distance.

A friend of mine has recently told me that I will make new friends in my new hometown.  But I am certain that no new friends can replace the old ones.  This will be true throughout life.  Social circles, social butterflies, and social flops, each have their place and time.

Trust, love, respect.  With these, your social circle will be a sincere and solid selection.

Many thanks to each and every one of my friends.

Amy DV Hemsley

Week 43 of 52: Paradigms and Priorities

This month’s goal, as of January, was to write.  To work on a specific project.  My goal for this month, as of today, is to create a coherent plan of our wedding day.  According to my paradigm this is a heftier goal.  According to my paradigm, the wedding and marriage are the loftier priority.

Music, flowers, dresses, shoes, maid of honor, rings, colors…  So much to do with so little time…  Writing, then, has to take the position of the back-burner.  Will I write again?  Every week for the rest of the year, and many days for the rest of my life, but right now a different priority (one I couldn’t have guessed would exist in January) has taken me in it’s powerful demand for attention.

Writing, wedding plans and wishes…  So much on the plate…  I will say, knowing that this union is one of eternal consequence will make getting through that first day as husband and wife, groom and bride, much easier- giving eternal perspective to a demanding and taxing day with family and friends.  A day I wouldn’t trade for any other I’ve experienced in my 27 years.  I can’t wait!  What a beautiful priority.  :)


Weeks 41 & 42 of 52: Favorite Failures

WARNING:  Quick post with a great thought, but not so eloquently put.

Last weekend I was without an internet connection.  There was then no way for me to make a blog entry.  An excuse?  Not really.  However, it was choice not to have that connection.

A dear friend needed her newly rented apartment house-sat, so, knowing full well there was no internet connection, I house-sat.  Though different from my Saturday routine, it was good in its own right.

Though I failed to blog, I enjoyed other hobbies and even worked on some business.  A productive day indeed, though failed in one instance.

Was I sorry?  Not really.  I guess that’s what we call a higher priority.  She was helped, I was blessed, and failed or not, we are happy.


Realm of Responsibility, Week 40 of 52

With the year’s end approaching yet again, it’s easy to consider the changes I need to make in my life going forward.  A greater cause for considering this matter is the life-change ahead of me- I am to be married!  It’s nothing to take lightly, and I haven’t.  Also not to be taken lightly are the responsibilities that come with it.  The responsibility to love and care for someone, the responsibility and delight of giving their feelings more consideration than my own, the responsibility toward family- especially our own.

So often in today’s world it seems marriages fall apart, divorce rates soar, families disintegrate, and hearts break.  Still, when selfishness disintegrates first, marriages are strengthened and hearts comforted.  One country singer said, “Love’s the only house big enough for all the pain in the world”, and I believe she is right.  Please, oh please, find the one you love, and to those who have, love them with a vital strength and selflessness.  This will keep those who choose to do so strong during tough times, and simply in love during the easy times- I’m sure of it.

For just about all of my life my responsibility has been toward myself, and few others.  That is having a dramatic change in a few months time.  Who is your responsibility toward?  If it is your self, start- but don’t stop- there.  If it is another, or others, continuously love them, and it will increase your capacity in fulfilling your responsibilities.

Love- what else matters?

Amy DeVonne Hemsley (soon to be Stewart)

Week 39 of 52, Broken Blogs and Promises

No longer do I believe that late blogs are ok.  I have excused myself for too long.  I admit failure.  Still, I also realize that there are worse things to be late on.  And there are worse promises to be broken.  This is, however, a good practice for keeping my word on other matters.  So, from here on out, I’ll try harder to blog on time.

Promises and blogs

Are meant for keeping,

Our own thoughts,

For overseeing.

Promises, promises,

Keep up with me,

And I’ll try to do

The same for thee!